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SUN-OPGW Optical Fiber Composite Overhead Ground Wire Cable


OPGW Cable, Stainless-steel optical fiber unit, Aluminum-clad steel wire, 2-48 cores

    Key Features

  • Stainless-steel optical fiber unit with layer stranding structure
  • Aluminum-clad steel wire
  • Heavy load capacity and long span installation
  • Meeting the ground wire
  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Ordering Information
  • Applications
  • FAQ
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  •  Sun Telecom'OPGW cable is a type of cable structure with an optical transmission composite and overhead ground wire for power transmission. It works in power transmission lines both as optical fiber cable and overhead ground wire which can provide protection of lightning strike and short circuit currency conduction.

    The OPGW consists of stainless steel tube optical unit, aluminium cladding steel wire and aluminum alloy wire. It has layer stranding structure. We can design the structure according to different environment conditions and customer’s requirements.

  • Cable Specifications
    Parameters Specification
    Stranded Core, layer 1 and layer 2
    Stranding Direction Outer layer is right hand
    Cable diameter (Nominal) (mm) 14
    Cable Weight (Approx.) (kg/km) 530
    Supporting Cross Section (mm2) AS Wire 104.7
    Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) (KN) 67.8
    Rated Tensile Strength (RTS) (KN) 64.4
    Modulus of Elasticity (E-Modulus) (KN/mm2) 109.1
    Thermal Elongation Coefficient 15.5×10-6/K
    Maximum Working Stress (40%RTS) (KN)              25.76
    Everyday Stress(EDS)(20%RTS) (KN)  10.3~16.1
    DC Resistance (ohm/km) 0.420
    Short Time Current (0.5s, 20℃~300℃) (kA) 14.29
    Short Time Current Capacity (I2t) (kA²s) 102.1
    Minimum Bending Radius Installation 30 times of cable diameter
    Operation 15 times of cable diameter
    Temperature Range (℃) Installation -10~+60
    Storage & shipping -40~+60
    Operation -40~+80


  • ● Replacing the aged ground wire with a new structure of high voltage ground wire
    ● Lighting protection and short circuit current conduction
    ● Optical fiber communication capability

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