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SUN-IC-SX Simplex Fiber Optic Patch Cable

Model: SUN-IC-SX

900μm tight buffer fiber, aramid yarn, PVC or LSZH jacket

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  • Sun Telecom’s SUN-IC-SX simplex fiber optic patch cable use 900μm tight buffer fiber as optical communication medium, the tight buffer fiber wrapped with a layer of aramid yarn as strength member, and the cable is completed with PVC or LSZH jacket.
  • Geometrical Characteristics
    Simplex Cable Type φ3.0 φ2.4 φ2.0 φ1.8 φ1.2
    Simplex Cable Diameter (mm) 2.85 2.4 2.0 1.8 1.2
    Simplex Cable Weight (kg/km) 6.5 5.0 3.2 3.1 2.9
    TBF Diameter (μm) 900±50
    Material of Jacket PVC or LSZH
    Mechanical Characteristics

    Max Load (N) Long Term 60 60 60 60 60
    Short Term 100 100 100 100 100
    Bending Radius (CM) Dynamic 20×D (D: Simplex Cable Diameter)
    Static 10×D (D: Simplex Cable Diameter)
    Fiber Cladding

    Fiber Type (core/cladding dimension) 9/125, 50/125, 62.5/125
    Transmission Characteristics

      SMF 50/125 62.5/125
    Wavelength (nm) 1310/1550(nm) 850/1300(nm) 850/1300(nm)
    Max Attenuation (dB/km) 0.45/0.30 3.5/1.5 3.5/1.5
    AVG. Attenuation (dB/km) 0.40/0.25 3.0/1.0 3.0/1.0
    Min Bandwidth (MHz/km) —— 400/400 160/500
    Environmental Characteristics

    Storage/Operating Temperature) (°C) -20 ~ +60
  • ● Fiber optic patchcord or pigtail
    ● Interconnect between instruments, communication equipments

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